Helmuth W(Wilhelm) Mommers


Helmuth W. Mommers was born in Vienna, 1943. He has been one of the pioneering voices in German sf, and has contributed to the genre as a writer, illustrator, editor and literary agent. After emigrating from Austria to Switzerland, he hopped from one tedious job to another before establishing himself as a successful  retail business owner. Once the fruits of his labour were ticking over nicely, he decided to retire early and move to a beautiful island. In Helmuth's case it was Mallorca, Spain. It was in these serene surroundings that he broke a 36 year silence and returned to a much loved hobby that kept him going all these years - science fiction. He co-founded the sf magazine "Nova", edited the annual anthologies "Visionen" (Visions), was story editor for “Space View”, and returned to writing short fiction. He has published a novel "Galacticum" and over fifty short stories and novelettes, some of which have appeared in the USA, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Rumania, Hungary, Russia, and Japan. He has received various nominations for both the German Science Fiction Award and the Kurd Lasswitz-Award, and was honored with the latter for his engagement in German language short fiction as well as, another year, for the founding of the public library VILLA FANTASTICA in Vienna.